$1,000 for $300,000 vehicle service

Vehicle service specials are available to help you save money on vehicle services.

You can use the same car service for up to $300 a month, or you can choose to pay only $1 for each vehicle service.

If you choose to choose to purchase vehicles at the dealership, you’ll pay $1 per vehicle.

Find out more about the new Vehicle Service Discounts.

The new Vehicle Discounts offer the same vehicle service but are offered at higher rates than the existing $300 Vehicle Service Bonus.

The Vehicle Service Specials are available for up of up to 300,000 car service and/or vehicle services depending on your vehicle.

If your car is eligible for the new discounts, you may also receive a $200 rebate for every vehicle service you purchase.

For more information on the new vehicle service discounts, visit the DMV website.