How to make the most of the Indian market

The country’s largest car maker is making a bold move into the Indian smartphone market with its first smart car, the Kia Soul.

The carmaker, which is now the only major carmaker in India to offer the car, is also offering an optional service package that will allow its owners to remotely manage the car remotely and share their driving history with other users.

The Kia, which will cost around Rs. 13,000 ($2,300), has a base price of Rs. 28,400 ($44,500) and can be purchased in three trim levels: sedan, crossover and sports coupe.

It is expected to go on sale in September.

The company said it is partnering with Ford India to sell the car in India.

The Kias Soul is designed to be a low-cost, high-performance sedan that offers all the features a car should.

It also features a five-seat sports-style cabin and will have a range of options, including a five-, six- or seven-speed automatic transmission.

The auto maker is also partnering with Toyota India to manufacture the vehicle in India and will also sell the vehicle through its own website.

The vehicle is a follow-up to a successful launch in India last year that included the launch of the brand’s new Prius Hybrid.

The new vehicle offers all of the latest technology, including GPS and Bluetooth, as well as the company’s first electric drive system.

The Soul’s price is set at Rs. 22,900 ($3,600) for the sedan, which comes with a range rating of 200 kilometers (124 miles).

The SUV can be equipped with either a two- or three-wheel drive configuration, and is priced at Rs 26,400 for the crossover model.

The two-wheel Drive variant of the Kias will come with a base-price of Rs 33,400.

The three-wheeled model, priced at around Rs 34,000, is powered by an electric motor.

Kia’s India operations are headed by founder and chief executive officer Shruti Bansal, who also runs the Tata Group’s auto group.

The company had a turnover of $7.2 billion in the third quarter of 2017.