What you need to know about the new vehicle service in Auckland

A new service to unlock your car from your local car park will launch on Saturday in Auckland.

Car park services in the city are also expected to be rolled out in Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin, Duncans Bay and Auckland on Saturday.

The car park services will offer a vehicle-to-car service which will be similar to a garage service, but will have no restrictions on the vehicle or the owner’s ability to access the car.

The vehicle services will be available from 4pm until 9pm every day, and will operate on a 24-hour basis.

The car services will not be available to the public.

Car park operators in Auckland will also be able to use the service to check out cars parked in their parking areas.

This is in response to the Auckland City Council’s new policy which allows vehicle owners to use a public garage at any time.

Auckland City Council said it had been working with a number of car park operators and had been able to find the best way to implement the service.

The city’s chief executive, David Parker, said the council would be “taking feedback on the service from the community” and would “continue to develop the service in partnership with local operators”.

Parker said the service was a great way for Aucklanders to get their cars checked out by their local carpark.

“This is a really big step forward for our city, for our car park service, and for Auckland,” he said.

Council leader Simon Bridges said the city was looking forward to the service’s launch.

“The service will offer the opportunity for drivers to check their car’s licence, car registration and insurance before leaving the car park,” he told Radio New Zealand.

“It is a good example of how our carpark services can be used to provide a positive experience for our drivers.”

The service was originally designed to offer a quicker way to access cars at the carparks, but has now been extended to car parks across the city.

Cars parked in Auckland’s main car park in the morning will be locked at the gate, while those parked at the rear of the carpark will be able access their vehicles.

Drivers will also have the option to pick up their car and drive it back to their carpark at any point during the day.

If the owner does not want to leave the car, they will have the right to park it outside the car-park, at any location in Auckland, for a maximum of one hour.

It is unclear when the service will be rolled-out across the country, but it is expected to become more popular over the coming weeks.