When Ford’s new Ford service vehicle becomes available, its price will rise by about $6,000

A new Ford vehicle will become available in mid-2019, with its pricing up about $5,000 for a base model that starts at $35,000.

The new vehicle will be priced at $33,000, up about 30% over its predecessor.

The Ford Fiesta ST will be offered for $39,000 in 2019.

Ford says the Fiesta ST is “a brand-new vehicle,” and its new pricing “reflects Ford’s ongoing focus on value for our customers.”

The new vehicle is being built in Mexico and will arrive at dealerships in mid to late 2019.

Ford says the new vehicle has “the same driving dynamics and amenities that we’ve been working on for a long time,” and it will be “designed to be more enjoyable for both drivers and pedestrians.”

Ford says that its new vehicles will have “a new, improved front fascia, redesigned headlights, and a new, redesigned rear fascia.”

Ford’s Fiesta ST, shown at a Los Angeles Auto Show event in 2019, will be the first Ford vehicle to come equipped with a Ford Connect package, which allows drivers to access their iPhone or Android phones with a single touch.

Ford has long been pushing the concept of a connected car, offering smartphone-style connectivity in the Fiesta and Fiesta Sport.

However, in 2019 it will have to make room for the new Fiesta ST because it does not have the connectivity offered by the iPhone or Google’s Android apps.