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If you’re looking for a car service agent in Las Vegas, Nevada, there’s only one thing you need to know: you’re on the wrong side of history.

The state of Nevada recently approved a rule change that would allow licensed drivers to drive their own vehicles in some areas.

Nevada currently has a $25,000 fee per year to be licensed.

Under the new rules, licensed drivers would be allowed to rent vehicles in select areas, including hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment venues and other locations.

The law allows licensed drivers “to use their own vehicle in a parking garage or parking lot to operate their vehicle in the interest of public safety.”

It’s a small but significant change for Nevada, which has been plagued by high unemployment and an economic downturn since the Great Recession.

But it’s a change that could have an impact on the state’s business and tourism industries, which rely on vehicle rentals for up to 80 percent of their revenue.

“There is an incredible demand in the state for vehicle service agents to do this,” says Las Vegas attorney and transportation expert Tom Kostroff.

“It is the only way that this profession will be able to survive and grow.

The only way you’re going to have a healthy industry is if the government allows them to do it.”

Las Vegas, like many cities, has struggled to attract vehicle rental companies because of the state-wide licensing fee.

Some businesses, like the Vegas Strip, have already cut their hours to limit the number of people who can work in a space at a time.

The state also has limited parking spaces, which is one of the reasons some rental companies have cut hours.

“We don’t have enough space to do the job,” Kostoff says.

Nevada is home to more than 200 licensed vehicle service companies and has more than 1,300,000 registered vehicles.

Kostrob says there’s a strong connection between Nevada’s vehicle rental industry and the state economy.

“You have this industry that has been very much associated with Nevada for decades,” Kustroff says, “and now it’s suddenly going to be a major part of the Nevada economy.

That’s going to create an enormous amount of economic activity.”

Nevada’s licensing fee is a small percentage of the total amount of revenue Nevada receives for transportation services.

However, it’s one of several factors that make Nevada’s licensing fees so high.

The average licensing fee for a vehicle service is $2,100 per year, according to Nevada Department of Licensing data.

Nevada also charges a $5 per-day parking fee and a $4 per-hour vehicle repair fee.

“It’s one factor that’s keeping them from being competitive,” Kastroff said.

“There are so many factors that are limiting their ability to do business.”

A growing number of Nevada car rental companies are looking to expand their operations into other cities, like Las Vegas.

The company is called Las Vegas Parking & Rental.

The company currently has more customers than it has licensed drivers.

“I’m seeing an increased number of customers,” said Las Vegas Police Chief Robert Smith.

“We’ve got people coming from all over the state coming in here.

We’re also seeing people from other states come in here and they are also interested in renting their vehicles to us.

We want to be able do this, too.”

According to Las Vegas parking & Rent, the average time that an agent can spend in Nevada is 12 hours.

A licensed driver can spend more than 15 hours in Nevada.

It’s also important to note that Nevada is one state that doesn’t require licensing.

In many other states, such as Maryland, Texas and South Carolina, it does.

While Nevada has been slow to change, Kostromff says there are signs that the state is getting the message.

“The state is making a lot of changes and they’re moving in the right direction,” KOSTROFF said.

Nevadas licensing fee has also been growing faster than any other state in the country, and it’s expected to double by 2021.