Abraham vehicle services: How Abraham’s new company is turning cars into artworks

An artist’s impression of Abraham Lincoln.

(National Geographic) The Lincoln Automotive Group (LAG), a Lincoln-owned company that specializes in the repair, service, and assembly of automobiles, is launching its first artworks of the century.

The first piece, which will be displayed in a new museum in Baltimore, will be an 1868 Lincoln, painted by artist Daniel Stauffer.

The new museum is set to open in early 2019.

Staufer’s 1868 car, Lincoln’s first, is the subject of a new exhibit that is expected to open next year.

“In his last days, Lincoln sought out the artists who could bring his image to life, and he selected the greats of the art world,” LAG president Scott R. Wood said in a statement.

“He sought out artists who were able to paint the face of the world in a way that matched his image.”

The new exhibit will feature more than 40 artists who are using Lincoln-based vehicles as artworks.

The exhibit will focus on the Lincoln’s appearance as a “car of a different time.”

The exhibit, titled The Face of the Age, will feature artists who have painted Lincoln-inspired cars, from the Lincoln Town Car to the Lincoln Supercharged.

It will include cars from the early days of the car, including a Ford V8 Lincoln, an early Lincoln Continental, and a Chevrolet Charger.

“I hope you enjoy your visit,” Wood said.

“We’re very excited to open this exhibit.

It’s a chance to share this incredible story with the public.”

The project will also feature a new Lincoln-branded exhibit in New York City.

The New York exhibition will feature works by some of the most prominent American car artists, including Richard Wagner, Richard Wagner and Frank Lloyd Wright.

“This exhibit is a rare opportunity for the public to explore the works of these great artists,” Wood added.

“It’s an important way for us to engage with our audience, which is the automotive industry, and to tell the stories of these artists.”