Galloway service vehicle services to be moved to Alberta

Galloways service vehicle and funeral vehicle services will be moved from the Albertas City Council to the city of Fort Lauderdale, officials said Wednesday.

The city of Albertans Office of Emergency Services said it plans to provide funeral services for the funeral vehicles of the city’s 10,000 residents and more than 100 service vehicles at the Alachua County Funeral Home.

Galloways vehicle service and funeral services will remain at Fort Lauderdale City Hall and the city and county will work together to coordinate and provide services to the residents, said Albertan Public Works and Community Services Director Jennifer Davis.

She said the City Council voted unanimously to move the funeral vehicle and vehicle services from Fort Lauderdale.

“The city has not had any of the facilities, so we were going to go somewhere else,” Davis said.

“It’s the same situation we had last year.

We’ve moved them back.”

She said city employees will be able to provide the funeral service to Fort Lauderdale residents.

“It’s just the same thing.

It’s a great opportunity for Fort Lauderdale to be able take care of the people of Alachuans community.”

The Alachuana County Funary Home said it will continue to provide services at the funeral home.