Google announces its acquisition of Tesla service vehicle service

Google has been acquired by Tesla, making the tech giant the latest company to get involved in electric vehicle services.

The acquisition comes on the heels of Tesla’s unveiling of its new service vehicle offering, which allows customers to purchase its own Tesla Powerwall battery packs for their electric cars.

Tesla says it will be providing its own battery packs, as well as Tesla Powerwalls and the Tesla Powerpack, to Tesla customers in the US and Canada.

Tesla also confirmed that it has acquired Tesla Mobile, which will provide its own fleet of Tesla vehicles.

Tesla said it will also be launching its own service vehicle business, and will continue to develop the Powerpack and Powerwall batteries for its own vehicles.

The deal brings Google into the picture of many other tech companies looking to invest in electric vehicles.

Google is the first company to own an electric car brand, after Ford acquired General Motors last year.