How to get an Audi to call 911

In the UK, the only option to get someone’s car to stop and talk is to call 999.

The problem is, this doesn’t work.

The Audi Q3 was one of the first vehicles to use an emergency call feature called Ace.

The car’s software, called Auto-Call, works in the same way that 911 does.

It simply connects to the emergency network, and asks the driver if they want to talk to police.

When the owner calls, the car automatically sends a request for the police to come to the location where they are.

If the owner says yes, the Audi will send the police information on where the car is, the location it is on, the time of the call, and a description of the car.

The phone number is stored in the app.

If there is an accident, or if the car breaks down, it will ask for the driver’s name, address, phone number, and location to confirm if they are OK.

The phone numbers, which the owner can use to verify the identity of the person, can be used to identify the owner, and even to contact the police.

Ace also uses a system that uses a GPS location to help the police locate the owner.

This is a useful feature.

But when the owner needs to speak to the police, they may not have the data to back up their request.

There is no way to verify if the information has been sent.

The police can, and will, send information about the car to other police departments.

The first person who calls will get a call back, which will usually be a recording.

If you have a recording of your call, you can also use the recording to help determine who was calling you.

This feature is good for people who want to make a quick phone call, but it can also be used for emergencies.

It’s also good if someone calls while the owner is still on the phone.

If you don’t want to be able to verify a call to a police station, you should check that the owner has an emergency number, or can be reached from an emergency line.

You can also check if the owner’s number is assigned to another police department.

If it’s not, you might want to consider using a third party service that connects to Ace and will give you the address of the owner when they’re not in the car with you.

If a person is missing, you may want to check their location on the Ace website.

For the record, the owners name is the only information the app can give you.

Ace does not collect a record of the phone number.

You can also get information from other places, like your social media profiles, email, or text messages.

You should also check your phone bill to see if you are billed for emergency calls.

If the owner tells you they need to go to the hospital, the app will then automatically give you a text message to let you know.

This allows you to text a friend, family member, or contact to ask for help, and you’ll have to give them your own emergency number.

If your car breaks, you won’t be able, however, to call the police without an emergency plan.

If your car is a rental, Ace is a great way to rent the car without paying the rental fee.

If an emergency occurs, you will need to arrange to have the rental car towed, and then you will be able call 911 from the car if needed.

If all else fails, you’ll need to contact your local police department to get the owner to stop the car for a police check.

Ace can be useful for a short time, but if it becomes a problem, you have to call your own local police to take over the job.