How to get your car inspected by an Indian Auto Service Vehicle (IASV) service vehicle

The Indian Auto Services Vehicle (IASV) is a vehicle that is used for the collection of vehicle registration, inspection, and servicing of vehicles.

The IASV is equipped with a large collection of vehicles that are equipped with automatic vehicle services and/or auto vehicle services.

These vehicles have an onboard computer system, which allows them to manage their own fleet of vehicles for a fixed price.

It also allows them access to data related to vehicles and their owners.

The vehicles can be leased for an unlimited period of time.

In case you are looking to buy a vehicle from the IASVs online store, there are three main options to choose from.

Option 1: The first option is to use a car hire service.

This is a service where you hire a car from a private car rental company.

These services have a fixed rate and usually come with a payment plan that is based on the number of occupants in the vehicle.

They also provide a vehicle service fee of around Rs. 5,000.

After hiring a car, you get a written contract with a local car rental agent.

The contract specifies the car and it includes details like the number, age, registration number, license plate number, and the registration fee.

The service can also provide you with a list of nearby car rental agencies that are available.

The second option is a car loan.

This service is similar to car hire, but it involves a car rental agency that is responsible for getting the car for you.

The car is serviced at the same rate as a car.

The cost per kilometre charged is also the same.

This option is available at auto rental agencies and car hire agencies.

This option also has an optional service for paying a deposit to a car lender.

This deposit is required by the car loan provider, and is usually the vehicle loan.

Both of these options require you to have an Aadhaar number, which is also required by most car leasing agencies.

These insurance companies are required to send a copy of your Aadhaar number to the ICSV office, to confirm that the car is insured.

If you decide to pay for a vehicle through this route, you can take the vehicle to a private garage or to a licensed car rental firm.

The vehicle will be inspected and a fee is deducted.

This fee is paid by the private car lease agent and the IACV office.

This car is then returned to the leasing company.

Note: This option requires you to be in the same vehicle at the time of the inspection.

You will be charged a fee of Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 10,000 for the inspection, as per the vehicle inspection agreement.

All of the services offered by auto rental companies and car leasing companies are licensed.

However, you cannot use these services for auto repair and/our vehicles are not covered by any insurance.

You must have an IAS VV license for any other purposes.

A third option is the auto maintenance service.

These are vehicles that can be repaired or serviced on a fee basis, and are also covered by the insurance.

This includes cars that have been used in commercial activities and those that have undergone extensive modifications.

The repair costs are the same as the repair of an ordinary vehicle.

For vehicles that have had a minor repair, the auto repair cost is Rs. 500 per kilometer, but for vehicles that go on long journeys, the cost can be much higher.

These can include a vehicle with a mechanical issue, such as a cracked roof, or a broken wheel.

Other services offered through the IISV are available to the private vehicle rental agent and IACVs.

To find out more about the vehicles available in the IDSC, you may consult the website of the National Automotive Certification Service (NACS).

Source: The Hindu | Photo credit: NCSO