How to use a mobile phone while driving

For the first time, mobile phones are being used in public transport in the Netherlands.

In a country where people tend to stay indoors at night, Dutch commuters have to rely on their mobile phones during the day.

The Dutch Transport Workers’ Union (ZWZ) said on Wednesday that the mobile phone service, known as Wieze Nederlandse BV (WNBL), was being implemented by public transport operators.

“This means that in public spaces where the public are already using mobile phones, WNBL is the solution,” said the ZWZ’s general secretary, Theo de Jong.

“The WNBLE is a public transport system which enables us to offer the same service to all people, regardless of whether they are using a mobile or a traditional phone.”

The service has been rolled out to all public transport vehicles, from bus to metro.

In addition, drivers will be given free use of the phones to record and upload their journeys.

The WNBBL service is part of a wider effort to modernise public transport systems across the Netherlands, as part of the country’s drive to modernisation, according to the ZWE.

The ZWE has welcomed the decision, saying the Dutch Transport Commission’s move to modernize public transport had been “a huge step forward for safety”.

“Our commitment to the environment and public transport is very clear,” the ZWe said.

“We have a strong commitment to safety, and we’re committed to keeping the environment as safe as possible.”

However, the Dutch government has not yet given any indication that the WNBSL service will be available to all Dutch public transport users.