UK to launch its own fleet of self-driving cars in 2019

By 2020, UK government figures suggest that self-drive cars will be ubiquitous on British roads.

The government expects to have 2,500 self-propelled vehicles on Britain’s roads by 2023, up from 800 in 2020.

These vehicles, designed to navigate congested streets, can carry up to two passengers.

The vehicles, which will be able to drive themselves, will be the first in the UK to be able drive themselves and the first with automatic emergency braking. 

The Government has made it clear that it wants self-Driving Cars to be widely used in the country.

In 2020, the Ministry of Transport and the National Infrastructure Agency said they wanted self-drives to be used by 50% of all motorists by 2025.

The Government has also been keen to push for autonomous vehicles to be on the roads as soon as possible.

In February this year, the government announced that a test pilot program was set up to test the safety and capabilities of self driving cars.

The trial will begin in 2020 and run until 2021.

In addition, the Government announced that the government would soon begin testing the autonomous driving capabilities of Google’s self-driven cars. 

In June, it was reported that the Ministry for Transport will launch its autonomous vehicles in 2019.

The UK will then roll out the vehicles in 2020, 2021 and 2022, with the first vehicles being rolled out by 2021.