When does a BCA vehicle service vehicle be eligible for an upgrade?

Posted September 28, 2018 06:00:02 The BCA has recently updated its vehicle service vehicles (VSDs) program, which currently provides customers with vehicle assistance services.

In light of these changes, we have taken the opportunity to offer you the opportunity for a new upgrade to your vehicle service, if you are currently in the vehicle service program.

If you are in the current vehicle service and you have questions about your upgrade, please contact our customer service team at (800) 522-7500 to get in touch.

This upgrade will give you access to an all-new vehicle, along with other benefits.

In order to upgrade, you will need to pay for the full price of your current vehicle.

If the cost of your upgrade is more than your current monthly rate of $300 or less, you may still qualify for the upgrade, and we will notify you as soon as we have confirmation of your eligibility.

Upgrade Requirements: You must have a BAC or higher to qualify for this upgrade.

The cost of the upgrade will be applied to your monthly vehicle bill.

If your current BAC is below a certain level, you must pay the full cost of this upgrade in order to qualify.

If an upgrade is purchased by an existing BCA service customer, the customer will not be eligible.

Upgrade Pricing: If you qualify for a vehicle service upgrade, the cost will be $300 per vehicle, with an additional $300 fee for an optional service vehicle upgrade.

If a new vehicle is purchased, the upgraded vehicle will be eligible to receive a $300 discount on your monthly bill.

Upgrade Details: You will need your current or new vehicle to qualify, which will include:• A current and valid driver license or identification card, or valid state issued ID card.• Proof of insurance, such as a policy, policy renewal, or vehicle registration certificate, as well as a current utility bill, vehicle inspection bill, and vehicle history report.• Your current insurance policy, which must include your vehicle’s insurance number.• A valid insurance quote.• Documentation confirming the vehicle has been inspected by an authorized BCA employee.• Current proof of the vehicle’s compliance with BCA policies and procedures.

You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase an upgrade.

This does not apply to certain existing vehicle service customers.

If purchasing an upgrade, make sure to read our upgrade FAQ for additional details.

What can I do if I qualify for an upgraded vehicle?

If you purchased an upgrade prior to September 10, 2018, you still qualify.

This means that you still have the opportunity, if your current car meets the requirements for a BCS upgrade, to receive the new vehicle.

For more information, visit our Vehicle Services Program FAQ.

When will my vehicle service be upgraded?

The BCS program upgrade will begin on October 1, 2018.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your eligibility, and the new car will be delivered to you at the end of October.

If we receive any additional vehicles, the upgrade process will begin again at the same time.

If not, you can receive a reminder email in October informing you of when the upgrade is scheduled to begin.

When will my BCS vehicle service begin?

The vehicle service will begin for the following service customers in October 2018:• All BCA BCS customers, regardless of their current or previous vehicle service• BCA Vehicle Service vehicles that were purchased in 2017 or later, or the vehicles that are owned by another service customer.• BAC service vehicles that have an initial fleet of one or more vehicles.• Non-BAC service customers, such a those with a BCD-compliant vehicle, who purchase an initial BCA-complied vehicle in 2018.• Other BCA Service customers, including those with an initial vehicle that was previously purchased and are currently enrolled in the BCA’s Vehicle Services program.

How can I check if my vehicle meets the new requirements?

To check your vehicle for a Vehicle Service Upgrade, visit your current service location, or call our customer services at (866) 552-7580 to verify if your vehicle meets all requirements for the new upgrade.

If your current business is owned by a BCO, you should be able to visit their site to verify the status of your business and request an upgrade if necessary.

BCOs may be able, through the BCO website, to verify whether a BCP is active.