Why Uber is losing its grip on London

A decade after Uber shut down London car services, the company is trying to claw back some of its former dominance.

Bloomberg reports that Uber is trying out a “surge pricing model” in the city that could see drivers pay a premium to make up for lost revenue.

Uber is also trying to force drivers to use its app to hail rides and charge for the trip.

The company has also reportedly agreed to hire about 1,000 drivers from London and other major cities in Europe to help offset the lost revenue, Bloomberg reports.

The surge pricing strategy, which Uber is currently testing, is the latest sign that the company has some troubles in the London market.

Last year, Uber lost around $2.5 billion in revenue for the first time.

However, Uber is looking to regain some of that lost revenue by focusing on the city.

Uber currently has around 300,000 customers in the UK, and the company plans to add another 2 million customers in 2018.