Crypto-currency startup offers $100k cash for ‘unlocked’ vehicles

The Crypto-coin startup that offers vehicle unlock services for $100,000 is looking for a way to get its customers to “unlock their cars”.

The startup, Crypto Car Unlock, has raised $30,000 from a group led by venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who previously invested in Uber.

Crypto Car Unlock has been in operation since last year, but it is now expanding its offerings to provide vehicle unlock service to the public.

Its current service is only available in the US, and the service will only be available for those who have been approved to buy their car.

As part of the offer, the startup offers a $100 cash bonus if you purchase your car “for a fixed price” and then unlock it.

The $100 is divided equally between the two parties.

“We are happy to announce that we have partnered with a new company that will be able to provide us with a fully automated vehicle unlocking service for $10,000 per vehicle,” the company says on its website.

“With our partner, we will unlock your vehicle for a flat fee, with the intention to reward you for your support.”

The $10k cash reward is for a vehicle that has not been “locked up” by a customer and can be accessed through Crypto Car Lock’s platform.

It will only unlock if the customer “has been approved” to buy the vehicle.

The company has a list of vehicles that it is willing to unlock.

“These vehicles include, but are not limited to, vehicles with the following characteristics: a) a built-in immobilizer that is activated by the vehicle owner, such as a smartphone, and b) a seat belt activated by a smartphone,” the website states.

The $100 million is also for the company to “roll out to more locations in the future”, the company adds.

It is not the first time Crypto Car was involved in car unlock services.

It launched its vehicle unlocking services in 2016, with $1 million of the money raised going to the company.

The company was also able to raise $4.7 million in seed funding in 2015, and in 2018, it was able to take a $6 million Series B round.