Europa’s GM vehicle services firm faces court over copyright infringement

A leading car service provider in Europe has been ordered to pay a copyright infringement fine for a software package used to help manage the global fleet of vehicles used by millions of people.

Key points:GM said it had not downloaded any files from the software provider it licensed to run the network and did not expect to have to payThe company is the biggest provider of car services in Europe and Europe’s largest car marketThe decision to shut down GM’s car services service in the UK came after a court heard GM had not been “satisfied” with the terms of the licenceThe company, known as GM Vehicle Services, was sued by copyright owners over its car service in September and had warned it could face a court action over copyright claims.

The company has said it does not want to be accused of infringing copyright but its decision to close the service has been met with widespread anger from car owners.

A case brought by copyright owner Chris Dickson has been put on hold by the High Court, with a decision expected in the next two weeks.GM said in a statement on Tuesday that it had taken legal advice on the matter and was working with its legal team to resolve the matter.

“We have not downloaded or downloaded any file from the copyright infringement provider we licensed to operate GM VehicleServices in the United Kingdom,” GM said.

“As part of our licence agreement with the provider, we have taken a legal advice which has not satisfied our contractual obligations.”

The company said it “is not confident” it could continue to operate its service and that it would seek an injunction to stop it being used to file copyright infringement claims.”GM is committed to providing our customers with the best service possible and the company is taking all available measures to resolve this matter,” it said.GM has been the biggest car service supplier in Europe for over 50 years and has been a key player in the global car market.

The firm has been in the news recently after it admitted to using software to help keep cars up to date and ensure the cars were available for the right time and in the right places.

The move has sparked concerns about the viability of the car service, which has seen many customers turn to other services to manage their fleet of cars.GM was not immediately available for comment.GM also said it was working to get legal advice from its legal experts to determine what action it would take against the service.

“While GM has no intention of closing its car services business in the U.K., we are taking the necessary measures to address this matter.

As a result, GM will continue to provide our customers, and GM’s European customers, with the highest quality, fastest and most reliable vehicle services available.GM UK is part of the Global Automotive Group, which is part-owned by Volkswagen AG, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, BMW and Mercedes Benz.