How the Jets are making money off of their Macaroons

Jets owner Woody Johnson is getting serious about trying to sell his team, as he and the team’s brass are hoping to cash in on a $7.5 million car wash business he is running for the Jets.

Johnson has long been trying to buy his way into the car wash industry, and he said Wednesday that he was selling the Jets because of a lack of cash flow.

The Jets have a $4 million carwash business under the management of Doug Meacham, who is now president of the car rental business.

It is the Jets’ second car wash since 2010.

That’s a number that Meachamp has never surpassed, but he’s been successful enough that Johnson wants to cash out on his business.

He said Wednesday the Jets will sell their car wash and that he expects the business to generate $3 million in revenue in its first year.

The Jets are in the midst of a contract extension that will keep them in the NFL for at least another decade.

He also has a new, $1 million-a-year office building under construction in the Southfield neighborhood.

The building is expected to open in 2019.

He has been seeking a buyer for his car wash for a long time.

A year ago, the Jets held a public auction to sell the carwash.

But the deal fell through when Johnson refused to pay for the car washing business.

The team’s current owner, Jeff Pash, bought the car Wash from Meachamps company, and the Jets haven’t had the money to buy a car wash of their own.

He has said he’s in talks with potential buyers.

The car wash was created by Pash in 2010.

He started it as a way to make money, and it’s the Jets car wash.

They’ve also had a car washing program at the stadium since 2008.

Pash said Wednesday he’s trying to be more efficient with the money.

“We’re trying to take advantage of this opportunity,” he said.

“I’m hoping we can put it to use.”

We’re trying.

It’s something that’s really important to us, and I think the people of Southfield appreciate that.

“The carwash has a car pool at the north end of the stadium, but Meachams plans to move that to the south end.

Meach’s plan is to run his carwash there for two years, and then move it to the parking lot next to the stadium.

Meampas car pool is also set to be renovated, but the Jets have yet to make any changes to the car pool.

The $7 million car washing is a small part of the $3.5 billion in car rental revenue Meach is trying to turn into profits.

The car wash has a parking lot with about 250 spaces, but that’s not enough to cover the Jets business.

Meaacam is also looking for a new home for the team.

The NFL has made it easier for teams to keep their players and their cars.

It requires teams to rent out a portion of their fields for use by their players.