How to use Uber in South Australia

The ride-hailing service Uber is not available in South Australian Government areas.

Instead, its drivers are required to operate in areas with a large number of public transport services, including public transport and buses.

The company says its drivers do not have to operate within South Australia’s current licensing system, but it is an ongoing process and Uber has been operating outside South Australia since December last year.

“Our current licensing arrangements are not suitable for our needs,” Uber South Australia spokesperson Emily Danker said.

It said it had been working with the state government to find a way forward.

Uber said it was also working with regulators in other jurisdictions.

However, South Australia has been the epicentre of Uber’s growth.

More than 400,000 rides were made by Uber in SA in the first nine months of this year.

Uber is currently operating in 17 states and territories across Australia, including Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales.

In South Australia, Uber has operated in the CBD since April and it has been testing its new “lifestyle mode” in a number of localised cities, including the Adelaide CBD and the Adelaide suburb of Waverley.

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