Truck service is coming to Canada, too

The truck service is getting into Canada.

CBC News is reporting that Uber is launching a new service in Quebec that will bring the service to the province.

Uber Quebec, the company that owns the company and operates in the province, announced the new service last week.

It’s called TruckService Quebec and will connect riders to other truckers in Quebec, Canada.

“Quebec is an ideal market for us,” Uber Quebec president Jean-Pierre Bourassa said in a news release.

“We’re bringing the same level of service to Quebec that we offer to riders in the United States, which means that we’re able to offer them an experience that’s much better than what we’re currently offering in other parts of Canada.”

In the U.S., Uber is not only competing with Lyft and Sidecar, but also competing against companies like Sidecar and UberX.

The Canadian service will allow drivers to book pickups from the comfort of their home and drive the car.

The driver will then drive the vehicle to the pickup location.

“The ride from the pick-up to the destination is a lot easier than you might imagine,” Uber Québec president Bourassas said.

“This will be the same for Uber in the U, and we hope to have this in the rest of Canada as well.”

The company plans to start the service by the end of 2018.